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Food forest and foraging tour

We offer a guided walk around the food forest and farm to highlight natural food products that can be picked and eaten. We talk about the principles of food forests, and returning back to the original ways of gardening including;

  • a talk about the health benefits and uses of home grown plants .the importance of ecosystems
  • what grows well together and what doesn’t
  • Pest and disease control

We go on a walk around the immediate area of the farm which will give people an idea about food foraging principles.

  • Food foraging safety
  • The 10 most common foraging plants available

We provide handouts for top 10 plants to get people start foraging, and basic recipes, a talk about the health benefits and uses of foraged plants.

Visitors can buy trays of food foraging plants to plant, eat and let seed into their own backyards. The Cow Shed (shop) is also available for browsing. There are two options below.

Option: 3 hour tour with tea and coffee, handouts and recipes.

Option: Full day tour and demonstration with tea/coffee and tasting, and food foraging tasting and recipes.

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